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Art of Appreciation

Source: Times Job survey


Organizational performance is a matrix of both intrinsic motivation of employees and extrinsic motivation delivered through acknowledgement and rewards. Appreciate employees in the specific language they understand to make them feel valued.

Establishing and maintaining interpersonal bonds at the workplace along with professional rapport impacts motivation levels of employees. In the absence of appreciation, employees tend to become resentful and disengaged over time lowering their productivity and work satisfaction. Identifying the specific ways people like to be appreciated is the crucial first step in making them feel valued.

Communicating appreciation suitably and regularly has a direct bearing on employee retention. Garry Chapman and Paul White’s research in the area of employee relationships and company environments shows that conveying appreciation through words of recognition, acts of service, quality time, tangible gifts and workplace haptics have deep imprints on employee motivation levels.

Our Art of Appreciation programme helps increase emotional intelligence to identify individual recognition needs. This is done by identifying and using primary and secondary languages of appreciation specific to individuals to inculcate the ability to foster a deep sense of being valued.


  • Lack of motivation
  • Feeling not understood
  • Disengagement


  • Knowing one’s language of appreciation
  • Recognising others’ language
  • Practising it


  • Inclusion in diverse workforce
  • Motivated teams
  • Culture of belongingness

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