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Emotionally Safe Leadership

Source: *PwC survey, **Gallup Study


Leaders that create safe and inclusive environments for team members improve collaboration and teamwork. Such leaders encourage teams to learn and contribute optimally by challenging the status quo.

Around 84 per cent of employees’ feelings about their organization is deeply influenced by the quality of their relationship with their direct managers. Leaders have a pivotal role in creating an environment of emotional security to fuel creativity and drive for excellence among team members. People feel safe to learn and contribute only when they feel included. Teams where members don’t feel safe, do not work at optimum levels and fail to deliver collective results despite all the available resources.

Creating inclusive team environments helps leaders identify and nurture the unique minds of each member of the team into its assets. Psychological safety at the workplace leads to a sense of belongingness and the motivation to work towards a common goal.

Our Emotionally Safe Leadership programme elevates awareness levels of leaders making them aware of their personal blocks in leaderships. They thus establish healthy working rapports within teams. By doing so, a climate of trust, peer-to-peer accountability and commitment to team goals can be established.


  • Lack of trust & belongingness
  • Low levels of cohesiveness
  • Ineffective teamwork


  • Empathetic leadership
  • Freedom to express in teams
  • Vulnerability-based trust


  • Teams committed to results
  • Peer-to-peer accountability
  • Winning teams

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