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Emotional Fitness

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Unproductive emotions arising from daily transactions can paralyse your potential and eventually impacting business goals. Improve your emotional health by building resilience to thrive in VUCA business environments.

Employees exchange emotions while transacting at work. Unproductive emotions are contagious and can paralyse team productivity. While working in teams, members can cause emotional wounds on others. These need attention like any physical wound, impacting our ability to take decisions and solve problems.

Emotional fitness is a wellness enabler that is fast gaining prominence in corporate employee wellbeing initiatives. Emotional wellbeing is essential to overall health, to cope with stress, work productively, and make meaningful contributions. When employees are encouraged to express freely and be emotionally transparent, they are emotionally fit, and productively engaged. Thriving work environments are characterised by how they make employees feel and how sensitive they are to emotionally safety.

Our Emotional Fitness programme helps incorporate emotional fitness routines into the company’s work culture. We teach emotional first aid methods to foster positive emotions and channelize them to scale up individual and collective performance goals.


  • Emotional cuts cause unproductive emotions
  • They are contagious
  • They impact decision making & problem solving


  • Emotional literacy
  • Emotional responsibility
  • Emotional first aid


  • High emotional intelligence
  • Empathetic & collaborative approach
  • Elevated happiness

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