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Digital Detox

Source: *Time Mobility Poll, ** Pew Research

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Source: Adapted from Data Never Sleeps 8.0,

Technology overuse has fractured human focus (less than 8 seconds) and its biggest casualty is human relationships. Develop ‘digital hygiene’ to turn technology from being a distraction to an enabler and bring back the human connection.

Where technology is supposed to make our lives easier and bring us closer together; it seems to be getting us distracted and driving us apart. Phones and social media have become intertwined with everyday life. Our screen time eats into time with family and friends adding to a new epidemic of loneliness. While technology connects us, our need to feel belonged is unfulfilled. This makes emotional safety the need of the hour.

Digital dependence cripples organizations and employees with the single most important reason for lower productivity –a lack of focus. Mental health research suggests that Internet Addiction is fast spiralling into a disorder that needs immediate attention. Studies suggest Internet Addiction Disorder is similar to substance addiction in the ways it affects the brain. Digital dependence affects physical health, causing tech neck. The blue light of a screen leads to junk sleep and eventually burnout.

Our Digital Detox programme helps improve focus and productivity with balanced use of technology. It helps you develop digital hygiene and recover from technology related aches and pains and build sustainable happiness.


  • Diminished focus
  • Technology led pains
  • Loneliness


  • Digital hygiene at work
  • Digital happiness at home
  • Digital detox on weekends


  • Focus & productivity
  • Deep sleep
  • Human connections

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