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Three lenses of Mind Celebrations

Lens – 1: We challenge the approach to mental health – from reactive to preventive.

Imagine two swimmers in a turbulent sea, a swimmer with proactive preparation anticipates the waves. And the reactive swimmer can be shocked, angry and can struggle with each wave. The proactive swimmer sees the big picture on one hand and knows his capabilities on the other hand. He grasps the pattern of waves in the ocean and his responses are in synchronization to that. His energy levels are higher to sustain the storm. A reactive swimmer is eventually exhausted and overwhelmed and struggling to stay afloat. The challenge with the reactive approach is that it depends on individual will power and initiative during  challenging times, which may be difficult to sustain.

A proactive approach focuses on eliminating problems before they arise while the reactive approach is based on responding to events after they have happened and having to catch up all the time. In the health care scenario, Mental Health is the blind spot where proactive and preventive approach is completely overlooked.

At Mind Celebrations, we align ourselves to building daily Mental immunity for a stronger and fitter system.

Lens – 2: We encourage fun daily rituals – sustain and nourish mental health every day.

Imagine we have two individuals who are of the same age and weight, on a goal to lose weight in a fixed time frame. Which of them do you think will attain fitness goals, in the specified time? Perhaps the one who is intrinsically motivated and has fun exercising with music and new variations of fitness regime. Human beings, just like any other animal, loves to play and this playfulness in life determines the fun the person has.

Today, mental health is not practiced daily for two reasons. For one thing it’s not fun and secondly there is lack of time in a fast-paced life. It is missed out since it is not a daily ritual like bathing or brushing teeth.

“Will power” is not available at will, but human beings are creatures of habit. We motivate people to develop rituals around their daily life which supports or translates into building stronger immunity around mental health.

Research has proved, that enjoying and being lively through the day neurobiologically enhances the quality of life and brings joy in relationships. At work, it makes creative solutions possible.

At Mind Celebrations, we integrate fun, daily practices that are linked to pre-existing rituals that ensure that the act of building mental fitness is enjoyed and becomes an integral part of life.

Lens – 3: We can measure mental health. Just like your weight, blood pressure and temperature.

Key tools to measure performance are lag indicators and lead indicators. While a lead indicator is dynamic but difficult to measure, a lag indicator is easy to measure but hard to change. Lead indicators allow us to manage outcomes better as they are monitored before the event.

Measurement of any attribute including mental health allows human beings to focus on the subject. Current gap in mental healthcare is that thoughts, emotions and behavior cannot be measured or quantified, but one can still measure the outcomes of mental fitness if built proactively.

At Mind Celebrations, we focus on measuring lead indicators of Mental Health. These indicators reflect how our future mental health will look like. Measuring and monitoring progress on these indicators allows individuals to proactively build Mental Health immunity and Emotional Fitness.

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