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Mindful Leadership


As we look around us, the incidence of stress related disorder in Business Leaders is on the rise.

The “corporate world” is a new syndrome that man has coined for himself which brings with it a whole new life style and existence. Odd working hours, irregular food habits, difficult work situations and inadequate coping resources add to the physical ailments. In spite of the good money it pays, when stress leads to distress a Business Leader has a hoard of physical symptoms. If all clubbed together can be rephrased as the results of stress disorder. In this world the stress levels are higher than the pollution levels

Business leaders tend to blame themselves for the financial crisis and yet a part of them knows that they can’t do much about it. Their physical health spilling over to their mental health and vice-versa.

That’s when the leader needs to call and reflect, on our definition of Success-success isn’t achieving a position. It is a delicate balance of your health and the health of the organization.

Healthy Leadership stands on the pillars of personal mastery of

·        Attentive balance.

·        Equanimity of emotional Intelligence.

·        Clarity of intention.

·        Peace of mind.

To ensure one’s performance is only accelerated / boosted one needs to strengthen these pillars. HEALTH EQUATES TO BEING MINDFUL.

Mindful leadership gives you these tools to balance work and life- to live life and not just exist robotically. Mindful leaders pay attention on purpose in the present moment, and have a non judgmental attitude .The constant ability to go through rapidly changing situations develops a strong adversity quotient with presence of mind. Mindful leaders practice emotional first aid to deal with stressful situation. They are able to, focus on ones thoughts and emotions. It is “good brain hygiene”, almost like brushing our teeth or taking a bath.

The leader is able to be an observer and doer at the same time. One eye within in the problem and one eye outside the problem, and flexibility to zoom in and out at the same time.

Benefits of Mindful Leadership

1.     Better focus and attention reduces mind wandering.

2.     Improved time management.

3.     Boosted energy management skills.

4.     Healthy mood and emotional state.

5.     Self regulatory capacity.

6.     Strong immunity and physical health.

7.     Advanced ability to handle stress.

Mind Hacks for being Mindful:

1.     Practice meditation.

2.     Be in the NOW spiritual practice.

3.     Attention is a limited recourse. Paying attention to one thing always comes on expense of another.

4.     Focus on the most important and categorize the rest is as background helps you filter the noise.

5.     Drawing attention to your body and its Sensations

6.     Breathing techniques.

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