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Productivity Tools – Moving Smartly towards Being Clear.


Times are changing and with it  Business leaders adapts styles of working. Time is an exhaustible resource. When people get more done within the same time what is the secret?  it’s wise to capitalize your time and encash it well. Is Success, only the measure of the money you make, or success includes how you define your time wisely. Spending time with yourself and your family and doing things you love the most, making time for your passion and soul calling is vital and most significantly time to be a visionary and render your skills by contribution to world around you. The sum total of all contribute to your Success.

              In this maze of things to do, goals to fulfill and roles to acquire, the Business Leader needs a direction and an orientation. The way we shape our thoughts is the fulcrum to our Success Quotient. Our thoughts are the steering wheels to maneuver our ship through the tide. The steering wheel needs to be in your hand, in your control to plan and mobilize your time. That becomes your skill.

          For long we have utilized a widely known philosophy and acronym of having SMART goals

S – Specific goals (clear and ambiguous).

M – Measurable (eg: no of business transactions per week, specific value of each transaction and total sales per week).

A – Attainable (realistic and attainable by you and your employees).

R – Relevant (it should be in sync with organization vision and mission).

T – Time bound (Goals have a start date and end date of execution).

This business tool has been very useful. Nonetheless with our own understanding of success changing Business thinkers have found a new evolved and advanced version of goals setting more useful.

Today’s Business scenarios are moving from SMART goals to CLEAR goals.

C – Collaborative (goals motivate employees to work cohesively in teams collaboratively as one unit).

L – Limited (Goals should be limited in both scope and duration).

E – Emotional (Goals should make an emotional connection to employees, tapping in to their energy and passion).

A – Appreciable (Large goals should be broken down in to smaller goals so they can be accomplished more quickly and for long term gain).

R – Refinable (set goals with a headstrong sense of direction yet your skills of adversity quotient which is dealing with rapidly changing situations gives you the flexibility to redefine your goals).

To be the skilled driver to your ship – Sharpen your skills on the wheels. Befriend the ocean, the sky nature. Ensure you float well and the ones on your boat enjoy the ride too! Refuel the vessel periodically – clean it well too. And at all times have your GPS on. Most importantly for you as the captain of the ship have fun and pleasure in every moment of the steering in the “NOW“.

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